Oh Lordy Lordy! Help save LOR from the spammers!

Spammers are at work on my blog page via the commentary option and it is so annoying being offered this drivel which is so inconvenient to delete permanently especially when I'm the type of person who respects almost all points of view.*
Is there a solution? Is HALOSCAN free of spam by dint of something or other? (I ask this of passing fellow bloggers).
All I wanted was my own bit of real estate in the web ether where I could play resident householder -- my own little parlour -- where I could entertain my guests. You don't want to have penis extension and that sort of stuff shoved at you, do you?
But no! In they come with their inanities and their crudities. Stomping around hawking their wares.
And while we're talking S*P*A*M (shush!)-- have you checked out Richard Salsbury's Rough Draft yet. It is my preferred word processing program. Much more user friendly than MS WORD which tries to do all things. And it's FREE! As Riley says :" When I draft, I draft Rough!"
[Authorised by Dave Riley, Parliament House Canberra]
[It's true what is written here about the spanners. Any hints on how to deal with them, please span me]
*I gotta say that...