On a whim

Been watching the telly much?
These adds about the new industrial laws are food for thought aren’t they?
I guess so.
They are indeed. Food for thought....Did ya catch the one where the woman’s on the phone and she gets the sack? Phew! A bit rough I thought.
I am not aware of that particular advertisement.
She gets the sack. On the phone. Just like that.
Unfair was it?
You bet. How’d you like it if it was you? Gives me the willies.
I mean, if that’s what these new IR laws are gonna be like there won’t be a moment’s peace. No job security. You’ll be living day to day on a whim. ON-A-WHIM.
It can’t be all that bad
I don’t know about that. Just like that. Out on your ear.
Ah. But the economy will grow faster than it would otherwise have done.
Minus this woman in the add. She’d be out of the picture wouldn’t she?. She’d be cactus, you know, sacked.
But she would have had a choice. There's that consolation.
To work the extra shift or not?
Way before that. Whether to sign a workplace contract in the first place.
Did she?
Have a choice? I guess so.
Why would she?
Beats me. Because she had a choice and chose wrong?
She sure did.
More fool her, eh?