Once heard take a note of

I've been busy with Ratbag Radio techno matters this weekend so I haven't sat down to post, you know with text. Ratbag Radio will be broadcasting this week and I'll feature its programming here ... so you'll have the option to listen -- or listen not. You'll be able to say: "Nah! There's not much on the teley tonight. I think I'll play Minesweeper or catch up with my emails or surf the blogosphere while listening to the blathering on Ratbag Radio."
For those in time zones other than my own, I'll see what I can do to give you some predictability in way of a schedule. "On Air" means very little if you arrive here, with ears pricked up, at all hours of the day or night. This is "live" broadcasting -- just like the real McCoy on Am or FM band. I can nonetheless pre-record programs and put any number of them on continuous replay loop.
Also, for those in the world of hard copy, some of my posts here have been taken up in the print and web versions of Green Left Weekly. So you can sometimes get your LOR and physically take it with you places when the occasion presents itself.