Ratbag Radio will return ... very soon

Ratbag Radio will be returning real soon ... so don't take your ears off this page. Life of Riley's own bloggin' web radio station was put in moth balls after it was clear we had "investment issues".*
But now we are open to the blogosphere and need to do a bit of retraining with all the dials and whatyamaycallits.
So when we are there and broadcasting we'll let you know as soon as it is acoustically possible. For those who don't know what I am talking about can check out their live to air listening pleasures on the Pirate Radio Network.
Later it is possible to broadcast directly to you as soon as you arrive at this blog but I don't think you'd want that imposition -- so I guess we'll settle one click away for web radio. (But I have rigged up Ratbag Radio blog for immediate access on arrival -- its Ratbag musack).
For those whose interest has been tweeked, check out audiobloging technology which I may trial too just for the hell of it.
Those who contacted me offering original songs for air play have not been forgotten. Once running I'm keen to amass a wide range of contributed sound bites. Those with tapes and such (say of a public meeting or interview) will be able to snail mail me hard copy format which I can later convert to MP3. Anyway, the whole process and its options will be logged on the Ratbag Radio Blog site.
* We needed more day in day out bandwidth than we could afford at the time with two teenage children also using the web. Negotiations have been succesful and we decided to go without meals so we all can surf more.