Say it loud! Say it proud!

'Tis a magic word. It is. "Capitalism" is a magic word. Say it loud. Say it proud. Scream it from the car window. Drop it in over dinner. Stuck for something to say? Just mention "capitalism".
HIM: What will we talk about?
HER: Let's talk about capitalism.
Also let’s do it quietly and calmly before hitting the streets to bang drums and denounce it.
You can probably lead on with how capitalist competition functions by setting individuals against each other.You'll be able to chew the fat for hours.

HIM:You see, as historical periods go, the epic story of capitalism is bigger, grander and more drawn-out than it need be.
HER: Is that so?
HIM: And it invented shopping.

Anybody who seriously wants to help the poor simply can’t get enough of it.
HER: I was reading somewhere the other day that it was thought that capitalism creates jobs.
HIM: You don’t say. Jobs, eh? Now who would have thought...
Yes. Capitalism is a good idea whose time has finally come. Just keep thinking of those jobs. Loads of them. They might not be jobs that you and I would line up for, but a job is better than none.
Ask the people at Forbes: it’s social work with branding.
FORBES: The fastest way to help the poor is to give them jobs.
That's those good ol’ forces of capitalism at work. "At work" -- doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Why don’t we just sit back and watch capitalism at work. All those bozoes working, doing the capitalist thing. Poor no more. Today it's so common.

FORBES: Read our collective CEO lips: jobs.
BOZO:Gee thanks. I was at a loose end and stuck for something to do. Then I thought (slaps head) Work! Of course! Why didn't I think of that! I'd be lost without your entremanurial wherewithall. Can I get one of them things, them jobs, or do I have to pay?

It works for China. India can’t get enough of it. Look at Russia. Capitalism works wonders.

FORBES: Of course it does. And where better to discuss how capitalism works its magic than Australia - home to the first major financial market to open each day, to excellence in biotechnology and information and telecommunications innovation, and to world-leading players in environmental sciences and renewable energy. Join us at Sydney's spectacular Opera House for an inspiring look at the future.

Umm. Sounds exciting. I want some of that. Where do I sign?