Telstra profit tops $4.4b

ITEM: Telstra has reported an 8 per cent increase in annual profit to $4.447 billion, slightly higher than market forecasts.
Then why sell such a going concern? Where's the economic logic in that? The federal government now has a 51.8 per cent stake in Telstra but is determined to privatise the enterprise. LOCK, STOCK & BARREL.
What have I missed?
  1. Running a business is something I'll never understand.
  2. There's a keen buyer out there somewhere--so long as the price is right.
  3. Since one half has already been sold off there's no point in being half arsed about it.
  4. Telstra is a last vestage of Australian socialism and must be returned to its rightful owners. Who are....?
  5. This government wants to travel light so this is a further step in the dismantling of the state.

You see, that wasn't so hard.