Writing jokes for Phophet

I say, I say, I say...did you hear the joke about the George Bush and the Moslem?
MYSELF : Actually I did not. But I went looking for "fear of Islam" jokes and ended up with a list of Hadiths -- traditions based on reports of the sayings and activities of Muhammad and his companion. Talk about laugh out loud!
He (the Prophet) used to sit at the place where he observed the morning or dawn prayer till the sun rose or when it had risen; he would stand, and they (his Companions) would talk about matters (pertaining to the days) of ignorance, and they would laugh (on these matters) while (the Prophet) only smiled. [Sahih Muslim, #1413]
Yawn. What's with these prophets? I hear tell Abraham never cracked a smile his whole life (except when he heard BBQ Son was off the menu)--and he lived to be one hundred and twenty years old. Go on. Name one good Charlton Heston joke!
But I did come upon the humor columns of Melvin Durai-- "born in India, raised in Zambia and brainwashed in America." Well worth the visiting. Test drive his mocking and observant Fear Among the Infidels and then check out Airport Security.