Apres moi le deluge: New Orleans' as a snap shot of the US

Since 2000 a half century of sustained decline in infant death rates first slowed and then reversed. The infant mortality rate is now higher for the United States than for many other industrial countries. Malaysia — a country with an average income one-quarter that of the United States — has achieved the same infant mortality rate as the United States . . . the Indian state of Kerala has an urban infant death rate lower than that for African Americans in Washington, DC.

United Nations Development Programme
Human Development Report
September 2005


According to a report on progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, announced on September 7, Cuba has the lowest infant mortality rate in Latin America — 5.6 deaths per thousand in 2004 — putting it on a par with developed countries. The report states that Cuba’s national objective is to reduce the infant mortality rate of children under five by two thirds of 1990 levels by 2015.