Broadcast/Audio notes

Well the Ratbag Radio weekend broadcast seems to have proceeded without undue problems. Ratag Radio by the time it signs off tonight would have been broadcasting for 22 hours non stop. We’ll work on the programming by further experimentation. With out new penchant for multi-skilling at the blogface we’ll improve the audio so the sound level is modulated much better than this early broadcast (sound bites were all over the place).

The last two weeks has been a period of sharp qualitative change in this blog’s interface. The world of web audio is much bigger that I at first thought and once you start to explore what’s out there and what’s happening, the whole shebang is very exciting. Many of these aspects will be explored here in the week’s ahead

Regular readers of this blog can also catch up on its everyday postings by visiting the Life of Riley homepage which now runs instant news reader --RSS -- updates of this site. I will also be making a RSS subscription tag available on this site soon.

Those only interested in the podcast emanating from LOR can review the podcast archive at the Odeo Life of Riley Blog channel. I am also consolidating a more selective collection of audio works at Our Media. OM is a great site and resource but it offers temperamental downloading. Our Media is sister to the Creative Commons project.

Those who possess original audio of any form can share it through the resources at Our Media as an excellent upload program is available from site. Once you register, you can upload the audio and make it available to a broad creative and political commons. This applies as much to performances as interviews.

I will be posting notes, and clipping material , on my audio experiences to the Ratbag Radio Blog. The links section there will be updated frequently and honed as an audio resource.
At present here at Life of Riley we are using
IPodder as our podcast catcher. IPodder is also dovetailed with a broad IPodder directory which is imported to your catcher.

iTunes from Apple although it had a few add ons in way of bells and whistles it came packaged as a crass commercial media player application demanding a huge 33Mb work space. So we gave it the toss.

If any visitor who has any tips or words of wisdom that they’d like to share with us is encouraged to send LOR a comment. We’re interested in hearing about:*

  • sites you recommend
  • audio -- eg: music, interviews, radio programs, whatever -- we can download and share. Indeed with Ratbag Radio you can be a radio programer/producer.
  • programming tweaks we should consider
  • applications we should trail

Later on we'll be beginning some 'radio drama' writing projects you can also partner.

*QUESTION: LOR is keen to find techniques to record phone interviews given that our PC is cable rather than phone line connected. Any suggestions?