Get Life of Riley as a podcast or listen to the audio on demand

After fiddling with the widgets, script, bells and whistles you can now subscribe to the Life of Riley podcast feed. To do so, click on the XML code graphic below and copy it to your podcatcher.

For iTunes (which suits both Windows and Mac) click on the XML graphic, drag and drop it into your iTunes podcast listing ... or click on Advanced/Subscribe to Podcast and for the URL paste the feed address .

Every now and then, click UPDATE on your Life of Riley Blog listing (or schedule same) to receive the latest podcasts. 'tis that simple! We're not certain yet how often we'll be blogcasting but be prepared. Nonetheless expect a weekly schedule of sorts. You can also archive our podcasts on your podcatcher.

For those not into podcasting and who are in sampling mode for our LOR audio wares, when the Listen: graphic below appears in a Life of Riley Blog post, click on it and the accompanying title to listen to MP3 audio .

Listen MP3 audio:

These audio links will also be picked up by the podcast directories we're on such that the LOR listing at Podcasting News also offers the audio/podcast as a webstream as well as a direct MP3 download.

When we are broadcasting over Ratbag Radio that day's blog post will note the fact, outline programming and present the audio so:

Listen Ratbag Radio clipstream:

Full broadcast details are always available at the Ratbag Radio Blog and this broadcast feed will automatically open a new browser window on that site. You won't require any special media player on your computer to listen to Ratbag Radio or wait out a long download time as clipstream is pretty fast. This is radio in the very real (time) sense.

If you have any questions about these procedures and their consequences please add a comment below and I'll deal with it as best I can.