Latham Diaries II

I thought that Mark Latham was a head kicker, a numbers cruncher, an ALP heayweight... perhaps even a thug. When it comes to the Labor Party I am willing to believe these things. Truly, I am that naive(for some reason). But now that Comrade Latham has rocked the ALP with the publication of his frank political diaries ... I am willing to give credit where credit is due. Mark Latham may be a lot of things, and maybe you wouldn’t want to take him home to meet your Mum, but he should know what he is talking about. Afterall, he was the LEADER

ITEM: A FORMER South Australian Labor MP has backed Mark Latham's poor view of the party, describing it as a mafia-like organisation characterised by smear, intimidation and humiliation.
Kris Hanna, who quit the ALP in 2003 and now sits in the SA parliament as the only Greens MP, said factional chiefs ruled like warlords.
"I think it is reasonable to call it a mafia-like organisation," Mr Hanna said.
"Certainly the characteristic means of communication within the party are gossip, smear, intimidation and humiliation and these are matters that Mark Latham writes about in respect to the federal caucus."
Mr Hanna said he would not recount individual stories in respect to the ALP in South Australia, but he wanted to verify the overall picture painted by Mr Latham, the former federal ALP leader.
"In the parliamentary arena and particularly in the major parties you can look at it on a couple of different levels," he said.
Advertisement:"One is the psychological where you are dealing with some of the most rabid egos in the country.
"You have to have an ego to get in that place. But it seems that the ones who do the best in the practice of politics are the egos which exemplify callousness, cunning, dissimulation and persistence in the face of an unhealthy lifestyle."
Mr Hanna said there was a very strict hierarchy with a warlord-like system, exemplified by various factions and factional chiefs.
"Just like the organised crime families, there is also a great practice of blooding new members so that you have to go out and stack branches or get delegates selected one way or another in order to get on," he said.
Mr Latham has rocked the ALP with the publication of his frank political diaries.
In The Latham Diaries he is scathing of many of his former colleagues and says the party is dysfunctional and full of sewer rats.

I gave up on the ALP a long time ago. I guess I was right. You lay down with dogs you get up with fleas, as my dear Mum used to say. What's the surprize in that? Check out this interview I did with the late George Georges ("GG was so good they named him twice" - election slogan) eleven years ago.