My Monday Wash...on Tuesday!

No sooner do I start a format -- a weekly Monday format -- which was supposed to be a set format -- as regular as Mondays are -- than I am distracted/behind/desultory, and missed my Monday! But I had just cause. I was involved elsewhere.
Well, not strictly elsewhere -- as in somewhere else elsewhere -- but geographically not located on the blogging real estate. This probably makes me somewhat distractible, and I plead guilty.
But this last week I was bitten by the audio bug -- so I was disengaged & learning the DIY.
So the world of politics, and Dave Riley’s "mordant" view of same, took a back seat.
Since I have now attained an operational threshold of podcastese, I can now return to bread and butter basics while I consolidate the other in my free time (ie: not in your time).
In future the dial will be switched from blogging to podcasting to web radio as the message requires and the impulse dictates.
But this last week has been an instructive exercise in exploration. I won’t bore you by detailing my many discoveries. The fruits of my labors will be coalesced here in time.
So watch this space. Listen this space.