Note on Ratbag Radio broadcasts

I was trying to decide on a formula to engineer Ratbag Radio broadcasts. Given that on the world wide web you are likely to be listening "from" (I think that's the correct word) different time zones -- how do I explain the schedule of broadcasts without asking listeners to tackle some maths relative to Greenwich Mean Time? So I've introduced Ratbag Radio Time which is my time in the dormitories of suburban Brisbane. This is still real time -- albeit on the western edge of the South Pacific Ocean -- which is recorded for your mental adjustment under the Pirate Radio logo in the right hand column of the Life of Riley Blog. So if a broadcast is scheduled to run from 10pm Friday to 10pm Saturday on such and such dates, those time and those dates referred to are those which exist in the Ratbag Radio now -- my now.

That's not the blog post's now, because you could be reading the post whenever. It is Ratbag Radio Time -- which happens to be Australian Eastern Standard Time (but not Eastern Standard Summer Time because we Queenslanders don't want to confuse the cows --- only those people who don't live here).

If this is confusing, blame Stephen Hawking. I didn't make up the rules.