The price you must pay

Now that the government is going to bring in tough anti-terrorism laws we can all relax, and go back to worrying about more important things ... like petrol prices.

--You bet.

Despite the fact that the police are asking to be excused from any racial profiling habits they may pick up en route (I guess that goes with the territory), the prime minister has assured Australia’s Moslem community that they have nothing to fear from the proposed changes but fear itself.

-- Yeah, sure. But about the price at the pump--

The Australian Labor Party and all state premiers have endorsed the proposals and new legislation is likely to go before parliament backed by an enthusiastic consensus from among the major parties.

[Background activity: raucous cheering and much clamouring and clinking of glassware. Calls of "Give ‘em their just deserts!" "Lock up the bastards!" ]

-- Umm. But what’s this to do with the price of fish?

Oil, you mean?

-- Petrol. Prices are still rising.

You mean, have these new anti-terror laws got anything to do with the price of oil? Umm. That’s an interesting question. You want price control, right?

--That’d sure help. I thought there was supposed to be some return from this Iraqi who-ha.

Quid pro quo? And you get, what, a free floor show instead ?

-- That’s about it.

Don’t you like it?

-- I don’t care for it much, no.

Don’t you feel a teenie weenie bit safer?

--But I ain’t especially scared at the moment.

Don’t you wanna play ‘rent-an-enemy’ ?

--I’d rather play ‘fill-a-tank’.

Doesn’t your breast just swell with pride because Operation Iraqi Freedom made the world safer for democracy -- at least there. (If not here). Don’t you just swell?

- No.

You wouldn’t perchance be a Muslim?

--I am not.

You sure? Just step out into the light so I can have a good look at ya.