The story so far...:

Synopsis, being a summary of what has gone before, for the benefit of those who have only recently joined us:

Severe tropical cyclone KATRINA tours the northern Caribbean looking for an opportune landfall. After visiting
FLORIDA, America’s “wang”, she crosses into Louisiana and Mississippi sporting Category 3 and drowning the Mississippi Delta while
THE GOVERNOR of Louisiana implores his citizens to pray the cyclone down to a Category 2 . “Wind is a pushin’ clouds across the sky,” he says,”Maybe it'll be just a gentle breeze or a full-tilt storm that uproots trees. But when the trees are swaying to and fro, pray the Lord no winds gonna blow.” But since the Lord doesn’t seem to be listening
-- (Note from The Lord:Katrina, who?”) --
THE CITIZENS OF NEW ORLEANS are told to leave town or drown. Meanwhile
GEORGE BUSH is on holiday and
CONDOLEEZA RICE is buying shoes. Back on the Mississippi it’s wet and wild as the price of
OIL, a refined hydrocarbon with the ability to fuel motor cars, climbs. However
THE CITIZENS OF NEW ORLEANS without internal combustion engines to drive or minus the fuel (see above) to power them are trapped in the city. With the swamp water now sloshing around their feet,
KATRINA drowns the city. As the crisis worsens, those left behind are forced to fend for themselves. Without food, drinking water or shelter
THE CITIZENS OF NEW ORLEANS wonder if they have been abandoned by their government. “Why?” They ask. Could it be because, they wonder, so many of

Further extract from Manuscript: With the Iraqi constitution finally drafted and the Sheehan peaceniks at his front gate no more, George Bush slept soundly in his big bed rightfully pleased with himself. “The snail's on the wing,” he mused, “The lark's on the thorn: God's in his heaven, All's right with the world!"
His God, their Allah or whoever, seemed to smile on G.W.Bush as he drifted deeper into the land of nod. When, from within his boudoir,


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