Thats' my car karma

We had gridlock in our metropolis yesterday. First there was one accident in the morning peak hour on a major arterial blocking through traffic, then another ... and so it goes, hither and yon as frantic drivers searched for new ways into the city and all major roads struggled to cope with the flow of vehicles.
I mention this event because our car died within this mayhem.
I am not a friend of the motor vehicle. I look upon my attitude to the automobile as my one Luddite indulgence. Given my druthers I would not have them in the house. Expensive, befouling, dangerous things! But I have to co-exist with persons who don’t share my prejudice. So I make do. I allow myself to be driven about. But it’s under sufferance, mind. In principle I only endorse those self-propelled wheeled vehicles that run on rails.
But as I mentioned, our car died ... rammed from behind. As the petrol heads say, it was "written off" in the instant of its terminal crash.
Its occupants, 50 per cent of my own primary kinship group, survived the challenge to their integument. But our social cohabiting unit is now carless.
My spin on that is one of glee. With the present high price of petrol, think of the money we will save! I keep suggesting that we drop the car thing altogether and instead rely on public transport with taxi supplements. But then, on that point, I’m thought to be mad. "Live without a car? ‘Tis not possible!" But hey, go do the sums. These things are lethal!
But that’s my car karma. I don’t drive. Never have. You won’t catch me running up someone’s back end while talking on a cell phone. I’m holier than many of the thous out there. It is not in my nature to actively contribute to gridlock or the Easter Road Toll -- except, of course, as a statistic, but then I’d be doing that passively and by lying down.
    • Vehicles used a total of 27.6 billion litres of fuel at an average rate of 13.7 litres per hundred kilometres during 2003 on Australian roads to travel more than 200 billion kilometres
    • In 2004 there were 13 533 071 registered motor vehicles on Australian roads -- that's approximately one for every two people (man, woman or child) who live here.
And I'm called mad! when I must be a saint.