The Bali bombings: How can such acts be stopped?

by Max Lane
On October 1, three suicide bombers detonated explosive devices packed with ball bearings in three crowded restaurants on the island of Bali, including one in Kuta, Bali's main tourist precinct. The terrorist attacks killed at least 27 people, most of them Indonesians, and wounding at least 133 people.
The bombings occurred only a few days before the anniversary of 2002 terrorist attack in Kuta three years ago, when a suicide bomber blew himself up in Paddy's Bar, sending patrons running into the street, where a massive car bomb then exploded outside the nearby Sari Club, killing around 200 people.
The October 1 terrorist bombings are likely to inflict serious damage on the tourist industry in Bali, the current source of livelihood for so many the island's inhabitants.
Why are some Indonesians driven to undertake such desperate, cruel, murderous, as well as self-destructive, acts? Before 2002, Indonesia had no history at all of suicide attacks on unarmed civilians, so it is no use attributing these events to some eternal conflict with no underlying causes. It is a new development and must have new causes... MORE>

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Prime Minister John Howard is using the “war on terror” to promote widespread fear about “terrorists” and “terrorism” in Australia. This is despite the fact that the biggest act of terror being committed today is being carried out by foreign troops, including Australia’s, in occupied Iraq.
We condemn the Howard government’s reactionary “security” agenda, and the unanimous support of Labor state and territory governments for the draconian federal “anti-terror” laws at the COAG summit on September 27. This represents a bi-partisan attack on our democratic rights.
ALP federal opposition leader Kim Beazley wanted to go further and have all the states to adopt what already exist in NSW where the Police Commissioner has the power to order a lock-down of whole suburbs where there is a suspected “terrorist”.
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