the blather on Ratbag Radio

If you are of the inclination you can catch another edition of the blather by visiting the Ratbag Radio Blog. We'll be broadcasting the program on Monday and Tuesday nights but in the meantime you can catch it as a downloadable Mp3 file or as a Ratbag Radio Podcast. Here at LOR we are slowly getting into audio groove as we negotiate all the DIYs and overcome some of our fears and anxieties. Talking to a wall in short, sharp, passionately felt, bursts can make one nervous and dense.

Today I sat at my fired-up pc pontificating, after "warming up" my audio tones by pegging an old dooner and a patchwork quilt to a clothes -line strung up behind me. From within this cosy sanctum I made modulation -- maybe not modulation as sweet as I would like, but better than the modulations of yore.

My skills, such as they are, are due to a lot of web gofer-ing -- but the richest resource is Yuri Rasovsky's The Well Tempered Audio Dramatist. 'tis in the discipline of audio drama that one can find the sharing and care-ing one needs to rely on when one broadcasts one's voice to strangers.

With that in mind the present sound paradigm is panning out so:

  • Life of Riley will house & sponsor dramatic podcasts & Mp3's that are engineered as audio monologues and plays. These will be scripted satirical 'performances'. Our next major enterprise in this regard will be Girt By Sea which should be available soon -- hopefully in time for Refugee Week -- October 23-29.
  • Ratbag Radio will broadcast over the Pirate Radio Network, Life of Riley 'drama' as well as miscellaneous political and satirical programs as they come to hand. Ratbag Radio will also sponsor and house the blather and other choice podcast and Mp3 programs.
  • the blather will hopefully become a regular free-form and improvisational commentary and interview radio "current affairs" program: political blather for the ears (interspersed with a bit of music sometimes)

So far, so good. Maybe I should take this opportunity to share with you some of the feedback LOR audio has been getting:

Dude,You are an insane fucking genius.
Dickie Richards

But I've been listening to Dave Riley discuss prophylactics.Once I got past his Australian accent, Mr. Riley's Podcast had me blushing! And laughing. And even thinking a bit.Hope there's more.
Miss Templeton.

Damn fine work. .. I'm very much looking forward to more and I appreciate the way you think.
Shawn Lennon,
Producer Mindwalk

Well, feedback is as feedback does: "Mama always said FEEDBACK was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."