Dead Time Learning

Dead Time Learning is a term that refers to that time when you are not really doing anything else and you could be learning. Commuting is probably the best opportunity for Dead Time Learning, that is, when you are commuting and not reading. I equate commuting with reading as I am a publicly transported person and I always commute, book-in-hand. But you may not be as fortunate as I¹. Exercising is another occasion for Dead Time Learning² -- if you can forsake in vitro ambience.
Dead Time can be learning time which presents itself when you're doing chores around your house, making dinner, or even when you are lying down. Often when I try to listen to the radio I can’t because the radio isn’t in every room of my house, so I’m restricted to how much I can heed. Transistorised formats often have pickup problems when you move around.
Since the web is home to so much audio now that podcasting is upon us -- you don’t have to tune into music alone. If you look at your everyday schedule the prospect for Dead Time Learning could be measured in hours.
However, to enrich your political experience while "dead timing" and learning we all have a bit of work to do. Check out these notes: Audio Activism DIY.

¹Commuting while reading scale: (1) Train (2) Melbourne Tram (3) Bus. The train trip is the preferred reading option. Bus trips offer such a staccato journey that they are very poor reading rooms and can cause motion sickness. But with audio -- it’s a level playing field.
² Jogging , bicycling or driving while listening to audio can be dangerous if you ignore the traffic. (Dah! Don't say I didn't warn you!)