Earthquake: Labour Education Foundation Appeal

My partner and I worked with all the organisations listed below whenwe were in Pakistan last year. They do great work amongst workersand peasant communities. Their last relief effort was immediatelyafter the US invasion of Afghanistan when they collected anddistributed aid to Afghan workers in Afghanistan and in the refugeecamps in Pakistan.--Ray Fulcher

Labour Education Foundation Appeal
Dear Friends,

A strong earthquake, the most powerful in 100 years, hit Pakistan yesterday at 8:52 am. More than 20,000 deaths and around 50,000 injured arereportedso far, toll may rise to thousands more. Due to the destruction ofcommunication means and bad weather, actual figures are not known sofar.

Kashmir is the worst hit area, where many villages have been completelydestroyed. NWFP province and northern areas of Pakistan are also severely hit. We in Lahore also felt strong earthquake, many huge buildings have got cracks and one three story building was collapsed.Large scale rescue and relief efforts have been carried out bygovernmentand civil society organizations.

Labour Education Foundation in collaboration with Women Workers Help Line,National Trade Union Federation and Labour Party Pakistan is setting up relief camps in Lahore and Karachi to help victims in the worst hitareas.We will be working closely with our contact organizations andpersons inthese areas to coordinate joint efforts. We will be collecting money mainlyfor medicine and food.

You can help in relief efforts by sending money to Labour Education Foundation. You can also send medicine and food items directly to our offices in Lahore and Karachi or camp sites.

Details of Camp siteswill be sent to you tomorrow.

In solidarity,

Khalid Mahmood
Programme Manager,
Labour Education Foundation,Sufi Mansion,
7- Egerton Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
Tel: 0092 42 6303808 Fax: 0092 42 6271149 Cell: 0092 321 9402322
Karachi Office: 628- Mashriq Center,
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Tel:0092 214854643