Help WWOZ Restore Jazz & Cultural Vitality to New Orleans

Here's a message from David Freedman, General manager of WWOZ , New Orleans -- a truly great radio station for those who honor roots music. Let's kep it real and keep it alive!

Thanks for listening to and for supporting WWOZ.Since we signed off the air at midnight on August 27th, we’ve been working night and day to rebuild our community radio station and our community. I’m writing today because we need your help.

After you contribute to the relief agency of your choice, I hope you'll consider making a secure online donation (if you haven't already done so) to help us continue to share the spirit of New Orleans with our listeners.WWOZ's facilities suffered wind and water damage. We're struggling to repair or replace our damaged facilities and rebuild the station's decimated local audience.

The pain of our losses does not compare to the grief we feel over the lives uprooted or even lost by New Orleans and Gulf Coast families.While many private and governmental sectors are making plans for a herculean restoration of New Orleans' infrastructure and its economic life in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita's one two punch - there are few, if any, poised to resuscitate the heart and soul of that city—its musical community. You can play a pivotal role in this effort.[Click here to make a secure online pledge]

With your help, WWOZ will once again serve as our musicians' home base. With your help, WWOZ will be their voice – a strong voice – as New Orleans struggles to find its new reality.In these hard days to come WWOZ will be pressed to call back, reconnect and revive the roots music community unique to New Orleans. We must re-establish all that makes New Orleans so special --a city loved for the spirit and creative genius of its musicians – and to share that spirit with our listeners both locally and nationally, through our air and online streaming serviceOn behalf of our staff and volunteers, I thank you, in advance, for your generosity. We can't do it without our "Guardians of the Groove." We can't do it without you.Please return to our website frequently and encourage your friends and colleagues to do so as well.

We're trying to keep it as up to date as possible with information, stories, photos, and blog posts about our own and the city's recovery efforts.

Yours in all that's real and alive,

David Freedman
General Manager & Donor,

If you have already sent a post-Hurricane donation, please accept our heart-felt gratitude. Forgive us for being less-than-timely in officially thanking you for your gift. We are still without offices and equipment. I've no doubt that, with your help, we can rebuild that part of our operation. However, I am asking you to consider making a deeper and longer commitment.Over the next year or two, the very health and well-being of our musical community will be in question. It will more important than ever that our musicians have a strong voice as the rebuilding of New Orleans unfolds. WWOZ is that voice. Please stay involved.Please help us by telling your friends and colleagues about WWOZ and encouraging them to contribute too.

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