In the beginning was the deed ....

There you go... I was negotiating a blogging schedule, consolidating a routine in script form, when I was distracted aurally once again. To you readers I apologise. I’m trying to develop a package ... of sorts.

I am seeking to integrate the spoken with the written word. They don’t always congeal, you know. I can talk a lot faster than I can blog.* My task is to decide what is said and what is written.

But in defence of my ambivalence, I draw to your attention this comment (revising that half cocked notion from The Bible): "in the beginning was the DEED, the WORD followed as its phonetic shadow." So I gotta do stuff first before the WORD is either spoken or written.

There. I don’t feel sorry at all. You are sure to be only interested in results when in the background it is my physiological minions working their all to keep you entertained.

So tonight (starting at 9pm RRT) LOR offers you another broadcast of The blather so bear with me. By early next week, after a few more experiments, I’m sure to have developed a modus operandi betwixt the words heard and the words read.

For the sake of those who appreciate core perspectives, my proposed new paradigm is to broadcast ‘frequently’ each week on Ratbag Radio and make those programs available through a separate podcast feed. Life of Riley podcasts will continue to focus on political satire via various dramatic formats which may, with luck, take on a weekly schedule.

..and once that’s all dealt with to my satisfaction, I can come back here and blog on!

* A potent blog post of 300-400 words usually takes 2 hours to create in front of the computer screen. That's the bottom line for writing satire. That doesn't mean its any good, only that you tried.