Maybe you should learn these numbers...

... You’ll need them for work

That’s the weekly rate an employer will be able to pay an adult employee under John Howard’s new industrial laws in John Howard’s new Australia.

“But why can’t they pay me that now” you might ask? Because most people are protected by union negotiated awards or agreements that set community standards with rates of pay higher than $484.40. The new laws will effectively smash those standards and the trade unions that negotiate them and the Industrial Commission that certifies them. After that it’s open slather.

Now that’s your hourly rate as a weekly worker in John Howard’s new Australia. It’s simply 1/38th of the weekly rate. Under John Howard’s new laws it can be your overtime rate as well. It can be your public holiday rate and your annual leave rate too. It can be your weekly everything rate!

That’s your casual hourly rate for the time worked in John Howard’s new Australia. Oh, and there’s no 3 hour minimum call or anything like that. It’ll also be your overtime and public holiday rate. It’ll be your casual everything rate!

That’s the “ordinary” weekly hours of work in John Howard’s new Australia. Sound Good? But,-- wait a minute ! -- there’s more! It appears they can be averaged over the year! “Then how will I know when I’m working overtime?” you might ask. Very good question. It doesn’t matter though, because the employer can pay you for “overtime” at ordinary rates anyway.

That’s the number of weeks annual leave your employer can get you to cash in if only you willingly agree. (John Howard’ government reckons not to worry though because employers wouldn’t try to ‘persuade’ you to cash them in under his new laws.)

The number of hours you’ll have to work in John Howard’s new Australia to raise $30,000 for a court case to enforce even these lousy working conditions without union representation. “Protected by law”…as long as YOU pay the lawyers!

0 (Nil, none, nada, zilch)
-The amount you will be able to borrow as a car or housing loan once your job security evaporates.
- The limit on your credit card once your job security evaporates.
- The amount of your next pay rise after the new laws are passed. - The number of spare hours you will soon have to spend with your family, thanks to Mr. Howard.

Peter Woodward, Industrial Organiser, MEAA (W.A.) 25 October. 2005