My Monday wash

...on Wednesday.

I don’t know how long it has been since I started this podcast melarky but as a podcast listener and subscriber I’m stoked. I have been a long term radio listener with my own kitchen standard as well as a runabout transistor-driven wireless --mainly tuned to Aunty*. But podcasts offer another listening experience all together.

While at the pc or out and about, I can invest my ears in my preferred audio experience. Being radio reliant forces you to be within earshot of the device to catch your favs. Now I can listen to what I want at my own convenience while also being exposed to the rich variety of podcasts available on the web. It also offers me the chance to do two things at once -- not that I’m noted for such a skill as my live-in partner has so often pointed out-- but within my limited cognitive range I can write/ research/ blog and listen to audio at the same time.

Out and about, I’m walking, commuting -- BUT NOT CONVERSING(heavens forbid! that would be so rude!) -- while podcast listening. I own up to a life style change.

It would be a mistake to equate podcasting with the new vogue for web based output such as blogs or vlogs. This is a different interface altogether which has to be experienced to be comprehended. It is not the same as downloading Mp3 music and carrying it with you. Essentially we are talking about rebooting radio to attain a new potential after an epoch during which it has been marginalized as a background music source and an abuse tube for shock jocks.

Even the community radio movement has had to negotiate the limitations of AM and FM programming which has excluded so many from their audience. Whether it is the terror of geography or scheduling, radio’s limitations are stark in comparison to the new options podcasting seems to be offering. And the information it offers to both ears can be so dense!

Nonetheless, here at LOR we’ll do our best. Life of Riley podcasts are settling into a weekly schedule and betwixt you’ll get frequently composed blogs. Supplementary commentary and selected miscellaneous audio will be available through Ratbag Radio.

What more could you want?

What else can I give?

* Aunty: The Australian Broadcasting Commission