My Monday Wash

... on Wednesday!

We're pushing a few buttons here at Life of Riley Inc while our wee bod navigates the rush of early Summer storms. It's all about routine and, forsooth!, discipline as one stands up to the elements. But I'm a bit Stiffy & Mo.*

As you see from yesterday's note the blather -- on Ratbag Radio -- is finally moving to a scheduled time slot -- Sunday nights ... regular-like. So it's Sunday Night blather so once heard -- make a note of.

Playbill for Stiffy and Mo, Fullers' Bijou TheatreWhat o'clock time on Sunday night is yet to be resolved. But the show will be broadcast over the Pirate Radio Network on repeat for the next day or so and the Mp3 file will be available for downloading -- including streaming -- and for podcast subscribers. So now we can focus on tooling up the program for better stuff between the audibles. But hey! as a broadcast mover and shaker, the blather is still a primordial amoeba in the great big ecology of cyberspace.

If I can keep the blogging up to steam here on LOR-Blog while doing the audio, I'll be stoked. That means I still have to cover the satirical audio production for the LOR podcast feed(which also means keeping Upstart Radio and Mindwalk supplied with audio grabs for broadcast). Rest assured that is being covered by all the best intentions in the world. We will have to kiss the self imposed schedule I offered for the radio play, Girt By Sea, goodbye. That will have to be re-scheduled.

I also note the irony that LOR audio is taken up and broadcast in the US but back home here in Oz the whole thing is a bit mute.

By the way, I thought I'd note my geograhical location --which isn't self evident on the blog, by boasting a map of Australia -- in the right hand column/half way down the scripts. If those US right wing nutters can fly Old Glory from their blogs and web pages in puff chest patriot and imperial pride,I can make my stand too, except -- except ha ha -- if you click the map you will access a region by region map of Aboriginal Australia. There's no jingoistic flies on me, mate. In the lingo of local Murris: I'm a Migaloo -- a non indigenous person. I can accept that. I'm sort of a guestworker...

I also will be returning this week to writing reviews and such for Green Left Weekly. You see I need to get my proverbials together now as this Summer is going to be a hell hole here in South East Qld. Summer is a rough times for poor ol' Dave's corpus sanctum. O me miserum!

In the meantime, I'll be writing an occasional audio notes column for this blog which will log various web based audio and podcast discoveries. I'm getting tooled up in this regard. I even play BBC and ABC radio programs which are only available in RealAudio downloadable format and re-RECORD them in Mp3 so I can listen to them on my Mp3 out and about player. It is annoying that both radio networks only make their audio plays available in RealAudio. But our Australian good fortune rests on the fact that Aunty -- the publicly owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation(although the last "c" moniker is a bad sign of future options as it used to be 'c" for "commission") -- is one of the most podcast proactive networks in the world. And when you look elsewhere -- it's always disappointing what you don't find. But then Australian radio has a history to be proud of. In a country as big as this -- radio reached to all four corners of this dry brown land on which we all do dwell ... and still does, apparently.

VOICE: Hey! Koo Wee Rup! Tune in and listen up!

*Stiffy & Mo: old time Australian vaudeville/music hall team who toured the Tivoli circuit. The team's name has been taken into local rhyming slang. At least my family were great lexicon exploiters' of rhyming slang.