My Monday wash

The weather has been unkind to me...Still is, in fact. Unkind. Nonetheless...nonetheless I managed to bring the blather to ‘air. A bit late -- as I was handicapped by the widgits (my ignorance thereof)but it was an exercise from which much was learnt. You can listen to the result now on Ratbag Radio.
Do so. Do so NOW! . Go direct to Ratbag Radio now. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.
So it can be done. I just have to front up with the same product next Sunday. A piece of cake. Touch wood, it will be a piece of cake.
The broadcasting of the blather on Ratbag Radio coincided with the imposition of daylight summer time on the east coast of Australia. The irony is that Ratbag Radio is not produced according to summer-time time as being a product of Queensland, Ratbag Radio Time is unseasonal. Time stands still here as we don’t add or subtract an hour here or there in lieu of sunshine capture.
But -- or "however" -- the Ratbag Radio Time digital clock has advanced to the drum beat of Sydney or Melbourne (or Wangaratta or Wagga Wagga or Wonthaggi) and has ignored practices north of the Tweed.
So RRT is Eastern Standard Summer Time by default .
Here at Life of Riley Inc we need to remember that fact. You, on the other hand, regardless of your time zone location, just have to keep your eye on the time in the column to the right if you want to relate to the RR schedule (such as it is).
So when we say 8pm Sunday we mean eight hours post meridiem according on the RR tick tock digital clock on Sunday each week.