Ratbag Radio podcasts

Starting sometime during the week beginning October 10, Ratbag Radio will be podcasted. Instead of having to visit and tune into the station when it is broadcasting you will be able to download each program and listen to it at your convenience through your podcatcher, or visit the Ratbag Radio Blog to select and listen to your preference by selecting an Mp3 file to download.
Generally the program format envisaged at the moment will be frequent broadcasts of the blather -- a 30 minute experimental talk & commentary program -- as well as those special broadcasts we cull from the web, such as our recent broadcasts of George Galloway meetings in the United States and live reports from the recent mass anti war protests in Washington.
Those who have been listening to Life of Riley satire audio, either as a podcast or as stand alone Mp3 audio, can still access that stream, at the Life of Riley Blog or by subscribing to the podcast by grabbing the feed url:
Early next week, Ratbag Radio will have its own XML/feed you can subscribe to.
The Ratbag Radio Blogsite will have a make over to accommodate the upgrade. Ratbag Radio will still be broadcasting over the Pirate Radio Network (and you'll be able to tune into clipstreaming/ easy download/ fast access broadcasts directly) -- but if you miss the broadcasts, you'll have MP3 or podcasted audio to catch up. RR programs will be announced both on the Life of Riley and Ratbag Radio Blogs and frequent updates will be sent to the GLW discussion list. Visit
to subscribe.
Any person interested in being part of this project by supplying audio in any form, should contact 'station managment' at dhell@optusnet.com.au and read our Notes on Audio Activism on the RR blog site.