This is sedition!

Seditious bastard that I am I'd like to sign on with JP here below and align myself with these views. I do that in full knowledge of the consequences. According to Media Watch that should get me 7 years under the proposed anti-terrorist (ergo: terrorist me and terrorist you) laws in chokey. Me, John Pilger, Tony Jones* ...and you! --if you're keen. (Unless, of course, you shy away from expressing yourself and hazarding an opinion.)

JOHN PILGER: ...we've always depended on resistances to get rid of occupiers, to get rid of invaders.And what we have in Iraq now is I suppose the equivalent of a kind of Vichy Government being set up. And a resistance is always atrocious, it's always bloody. It always involves terrorism.You can imagine if Australia was occupied by the Japanese during the Second World War the kind of resistance there would have been, and so on. We've seen that all over the world.Now, I think the situation in Iraq is so dire that unless the United States is defeated there that we're likely to see an attack on Iran, we're likely to see an attack on North Korea and all the way down the road it could be even an attack on China within a decade, so I think what happens in Iraq now is incredibly important.

John Pilger and Tony Jones

TONY JONES: You mean defeated militarily?


TONY JONES: Can you approve in that context the killing of American, British or Australian troops who are in the occupying forces?

JOHN PILGER: Well yes, they're legitimate targets. They're illegally occupying a country. And I would have thought from an Iraqi's point of view they are legitimate targets. They have to be, sure.— Lateline, ABC TV, 10 March 2004

A similarly enamoured seditious statement of intent can be accessed here: How's this for sedition? Yet another seditious bastard! God blimey, there's one born every minute.

*A sentence for sedition is something I could live with-- but being locked up with Tony Jones would be of such torture that I doubt I could come out of the exercise without significant damage to my psyche.