Whats' on Ratbag Radio

innerSide-scooter: Love, Beasts and Revolution can now be downloaded from Ratbag Radio Blog. This is more in our eclectic mix of audio. innerSide Scooter has been guest edited/produced by Shawn Lennon from Upstart Radio whose mission statement runs so:

To celebrate humanity through the human voice in the way a democracy like the one we live in should be doing on a grand scale. Here you'll find artistic and peaceful resistance to the status quo of our military industrial complex every U.S. taxpayer is responsable for. An informative and entertaining view of the world we live in from the workers perspective. Music, Art, Politics, Democracy, Independent Media, this is Upstart Radio.

We'll broadcast Upstart's latest episode of Mindwalk, later in the week but since 'scooter went out with me and the incomparable Goons (Sellers/ Milligan/ Secombe), I can't resist the urge to pass on the noise ASAP.

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inner-Side and the most recent Blather will be broadcast on Ratbag Radio over the Pirate Radio Network from 11pm tonight for the following 12 hours. Visit http://ratbagradio.blogspot.com/ to hear this broadcast combination via Clipstream (or through your Destiny Media Player).