WWOZ is back

The fact that I've become addicted to a New Orleans based community radio station says heaps about what the web can do for those flung so far across our planet. All thanks to Hurricane Katrina, too. That was my excuse for the discovery: the big blow. This means I can get my surfeit of Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Zydeco. Ooooo-weee!

Anyway here's a message from David Freedman, WWOZ station manager.

I am delighted to be writing to you to let you know that WWOZ is now back on the air at 90.7 FM in New Orleans. We are broadcasting from a temporary facility in Baton Rouge. We are not yet able to broadcast 24-7 so we are still broadcasting past programs via WFMU's generous help over night. You'll find our current schedule for live broadcasts on our website.

Thursday's USA Today contained an article about WWOZ's return tothe airwaves. If you didn't get a chance to see it, you can readit online at the USA Today website.

Although we are back on the air, the process of rebuilding the station AND the musical community of New Orleans has really just barely begun. Your financial support is needed now more than ever. I hope you will consider making a secure online donation here?....

Listen: WWOZ