My Monday wash

The computer had to go into the shop for a refit. It (as well as I) needed more umph. So the Life of Riley blog biziness hit a snag, at least for a few days. Now it’s fair weather...
That said and my routine, such as it is, broken...where was I? It was a touch short of November 15 and having now attended one of the many rallies nationwide against Work Choices (Huh! Work choices!) there’s a certain confidence in my step. Maybe the fightback this country is crying out for will occur. One can only work and hope... Hey! But the signs are good.

Biggest workers' protest in Australian history
More than 600,000 workers rallied and marched in cities around the country on November 15 in the biggest trade union organised demonstration ever in Australia. They were protesting the Howard Liberal-National government's draconian anti-union and anti-worker laws which are now before the federal parliament.
The rallies in
Geelong (35,000),Townsville (5,000) and Armidale (800) were among several which adopted resolutions calling upon the ACTU to organise nation-wide industrial action against the new laws, called upon the Labor opposition to commit to repealing all Howard's anti-union laws and vowed to strike if any worker is penalised under these laws.
For links to photographs and reports from individual rallies click

I have also been fiddling with broadcasting wherewithall -- this time exploring microphone options as I was keen to attend November 15 as a roving reporter. I could not establish a setup in time unfortunately but I’m still working on the methodology. It will happen: expect field trips.
In the meantime, I’ll blog on as I consolidate a format and schedule for Ratbag Radio. Due to the refit I missed doing an edition of the blather this week.