Who supports the anti-terrorist legislation...?

The f*****g ALP does!

This is a new low for this gang of toadies. It inspires within me a version of old ditty sung by the Catholic Irish about the British army(words changed for adaptation purposes):

If you hate the Labor Party
Clap your hands!...Clap your hands!
If you hate the Labor Party,
If you hate the Labor Party
If you hate the Labor Party
Clap your hands!

[Come on. All together now...!]

Hardly transitional, I know, but I feel like spitting on my local member.

So what will our darling Laborite left do? (What have they done for us lately?) Can we expect more of the same?

You betcha.

As I love to point out these whimps have been out classed by a conservative chartered accountant from outback Queensland when it comes to back bone.

And the higher ups lament the crisis of direction in THE party! No.That's wrong. This outfit knows exactly where it's heading... ask Kim Beasely. Ask any state premier(they're all ALP) ... and all the toady left can do is look at their feet and mumble.

If you cast your mind back to 1984 a turnaround on uranium minging mingled to a cold split in the ALP and fostered the Nuclear Disarmament Party. In that time since I know of no one issue that DOES NOT lend itself to apology as much as this one. What's the excuse here that would warrant anyone's undivided attention?

Gone are any pretense of generating muddy confusion as with the swifty the ALP pulled over its position on the Iraq war. The ALP's unconditional support for these laws is brazen and unexcusable. While they may bluster over the IR legislation to put on a show for the plebs, even the right wing of the trade union movement is saying it's all theatre.

So can the ALP sink any lower? Can it distance itself any further from its supposed roots? Well, let's consider the fact that IT IS NOT EVEN IN GOVERNMENT FEDERALLY -- it's the Opposition -- and it is acting as though it is. God help us if it ever won office! The joke would really be on us then.

But as we know, the disease has set in and the pathology of Laborism has salleyed many a good mind. Look at(dominus vobiscum) the registered left apologists for all this. They keep the faith though they march through the valley of whatever

As Pope Registered-ALP-Leftie says: my faith is my light. Amen to that.

Me, I've given away all pretense. I am chonically afflicted with, and overwhelmed by, my seditious tendencies.

When anyone is locked up they should remember this: BOTH JohnHoward AND the whole ALP are their jailers.So what is the fallout likely to be? Will we see a rush of card burnings as ALP members torch their current certificates? Will Pope Registered-ALP-Leftie be torching his? Will Carmen Lawrence be handing him the match?

Ony time will tell.

[To be continued]

Dave Riley
(Who is saving up his spital for the earliest opportunity to hurl one.)