My Monday wash

I'm sorry to be so pre-occupied with Mp3 audio and podcasting but that's where this man's noggin is at for the moment. Besides the various technological fixes I'm caught up in I'm doing the networking stuff.

As this pans out this year you will be able to hear more of this Life of Riley type stuff on what I generate as well as on such disparate sources as Scan Dot Org on Nimbin Radio and on Mindwalk which goes out from Upstart Radio.

Even though one is broadcasted from the West Coast of the United States and the other is beamed from the capital of the counter culture movement here in Australia both are podcasted so it don't matter where the magic starts -- it still makes its way to your ear. That is if you are listening.

The irony is that I had entertained ideas of syndication to community radio stations much like Jim Hightower does in the US but that prospect is moving up on me faster than I expected. I gotta wonder if I'm ready for this -- suburban nobody that I am.

I will probably be closing the Life of Riley podcast feed down and making this site all text, and the audio feature will shift holus bolus to Ratbag Radio.This blog will also serve as the blog portal for Ratbag Radio carrying all the news and views, written satires and commentaries it can handle.

In the meantime, RR has a fan in Holland:

Dear Ratbag Radio,

Hi, my name is Jelle and I really enjoy listening to Ratbag Radio. True, I do not know much about the political situation in Australia but I do enjoy the satire since most of it can easily be applied to political situations here in The Netherlands.
I found out about R R via Itunes and I initially had a subscription to the Life of Riley blog. I particularly enjoyed "if a foetus could speak" and "Memo on globalisation". Those blogs really cut to the heart of the matter, at least I thought they did.

Do keep up the great work and I'll be sure to listen regularly!

highest regards,

So I guess I gotta step up to the plate. The Dutch are expecting it. I'll be doing a special podcast to mark 'Australia Day' next week so make sure you catch up with that. But I don't know what they'll make of it in Amsterdam.

I'm also interested in hearing from any good bands (or singer/songwriters) who are in my orbit of outlook who'd like to sign on as house bands for this podcast adventure. If you have a local fav make sure they send me some stuff and I'll ensure they will get relentlessly featured on RR.

For the moment you are stuck with me on a jawharp, me doing orchestrated arrangements on a kazoo and me playing upbeat tempoes on a frame drum. I do believe I 'sung' during the last show too.

Lucky you.

Aside from such vaudeville -- RR's the blather-- will be satires + interviews + rants + satires + other-stuff-that-takes-my-fancy. And if that sounds a bit open-ended I gotta tell you it's all about getting into the groove and mellowing in front of the mic.

I also need to offer a word in way of explanation. I sign on with the catch call --

"From within the shadow of the Golden Circle Cannery in beautiful downtown Northgate-- it's the blather on Ratbag Radio."

And that's so true -- every word of it. So think of me next time you buy your canned sliced beetroot or your tin of pineapple rings. I do live within cooee of the Golden Circle Cannery on one side of Cannery Creek (it was called Cannery "Drain" but we upgraded the waterway at least linguistically) . Yesiree , beautiful downtown Northgate appreciates its local industrial zones.

THINKS TO SELF:Do you reckon Golden Circle would be interested in a sponsorship deal?

My urban geography does however put pressure on me to come up with some snappy phrases about what one can do with the rough end of a pineapple.

Australian slang note:To get "the rough end of the pineapple" MEANS TO " get a raw deal".

I can see it now: Awarding the rough end of the pineapple will become a copyrighted feature of the podcast...

And if you are ever in Brisbane make sure you take the factory tour.