Who is Dave Riley?

Dave Riley: Born 1948. Lives in Brisbane, Australia with partner, Helen, and two children. Has been variously a psychiatric nurse, political organiser,laborer, mask maker/sculptor, playwright, Punch & Judy Professor, process worker, & community artist. Life long socialist & on and off again political activist, he is a frequent contributor to Australia's leading alternative newspaper, and the web's top Australian political site, Green Left Weekly. His activism is today limited by fibromyalgia , an arthritic condition, which he has suffered from for the past 20 years. Life of Riley was the name of a regular weekly satirical column that he wrote for GLW during the 1990s. The LOR Blog began in July 2004 and shifted to a daily schedule of posts a year later. Dave started adding audio monologues to The Life of Riley Blog but later created Ratbag Radio. Ratbag Radio as a bona fide podcasting project. He now produces his podcasts from his home "within the shadow of the Golden Circle Cannery in beautiful downtown Northgate" on the mud flats in cooee of the local swamp (aka "wetlands"). Dave now produces four podcasts (or channels) and is trying to consolidate a progressive greenly left podcast network which currently goes by the name of the Ratbag Radio Network.