Intelligent design: pigswill for reason!

Palaeontologist and broadcaster Paul Willis when reviewing Evolution of the Insects by David Grimaldi and Michael Engel for the ABC's Science Show had a few things to say about intelligent design:
However, in deference to Brendan Nelson’s wish to offer people choice on the matter, and seeing as I’ve been banging on about evolution ... here is that choice that Dr Nelson wishes to be presented.

Just suspend common sense for a minute and let’s accept that the amazing diversity of insects is not the result of 420 million years of evolution but the work of an intelligent designer.

What do the insects tell us about the nature of that designer?

Well, as J.B.S. Haldane pointed out, he, she, it or they must be very fond of beetles, having created over 2 million species of them.

With around 5 million and possibly 10 million species of insects on the Earth, the Intelligent Designer must like them a lot.

If made in His, Her or Their image, the intelligent designer or designers have six legs.

He, she, it or they are sadistic bastards preferring to design the icumenid wasps with an intricate interdependence on their prey that requires them to parasitise a grub or spider so their young can eat them alive from the inside out.

He, she, it or they must also have perverse Oedipal tendencies judging from the design of the button beetle where the mother copulates with her sons before eating them.

That’s beautifully balanced by other beetles where the newly hatched males insert their heads back into mummy’s reproductive aperture and devour her from the inside out.

It must take a devoted misogynist to design the Australian seaweed fly, who beats up his girlfriends before raping them.

And then there are the dubious ethics of a designer who put together the female preying mantis, who has to snack on the head of her partner during copulation.

I don’t know what this says to you about a potential intelligent designer but he, she, it or they surely don’t sound very Christian to me.

But of course my good friends in the creationist camp are happy to say that all these nasties are the result of Eve eating an apple and that none of these biological atrocities were designed like that in the first place.

Oh, how simple life must be when one can accept such pigswill for reason!