On flag burning...why not?

In the last edition of The Blather on Ratbag Radio I interviewed Azlan McLennan over his run in with the law for burning and displaying an Australian flag.
Well Resistance has gone a step further and are now promoting special flag burning kits. In the last edition of The Blather I took listeners through flag burning DIY so I guess the arson has taken off as de riguer.
LOR has done our homework and come upon this discourse on the topic from the late great Bill Hicks.

RR will be on the case.. don't you worry about that.

Resistance press release here.

Did you watch the flag burning thing? Wasn't that great man? Boy everybody showed their true colours then didn't they?....Scary... People just flipped, they reacted like The Supreme Court approved of flag burning, know what I mean?

" Does that mean we have to burn our flags?.. They said that we ha-"... NO NO NO NO NO NO, they didn't say that. They said that if someone wanted to burn a flag, he perhaps doesn't need to go to jail for a year...Pretty harsh on their part huh?

"They said we should bur-".... They didn't say that, they didn't say that, they didn't say that

"Does that mean I have to go and -"....NO NO NO NO NO NO NO... Listen, read , think, calm down, relax, SHUT THE FUCK UP

"Well I don't get it..I don't wanna burn my flag"....THEN DOOOOOOOOOOON'T.

People snapped, they were like "Hey buddy, my dad died for that flag"

"Really?...I bought mine...They sell 'em in K-Mart..."

"yeah..He died in Korea for that flag"

"Wow, what a coincidence. Mine was made in Korea... the world is THAT big man..."

No-one, and I repeat NO-ONE has ever died for a flag. A flag is a piece of cloth, they might have died for freedom, which, by the way, is the freedom to....Burn the.. fucking flag you see??..Burning the flag doesn't make freedom go away, it's kinda like Free-dom ok?..ok.

And they've had 4 cases in this country's 200 year history, so it's not that big an issue. One of the hotter smokescreens they've put down the pipe. I don't wanna burn a flag, but what business is it of mine if you do?

Is it my business if someone wants to..Is it?...NO

Is it my business what other people read or watch on TV? NO IT'S NOT...THANK YOU

You see, when we talk these things through, it becomes a little clearer doesn't it? That's called logic and it'll help us all evolve and get on the fucking spaceships and get outta here.