PM backs Costello's anti-muslim comments

I SAY: The die is cast now. The pragmatism that has been bandied about since the Cronulla events has now resolved itself with a very clear signally that heretofore the xenophobes will be called upon to rule the roost in fortress Australia. Obviously Howard, Costello (and now Kimbo) et al have been doing their homework as they sniff out what sort of resonance is out there for this sort of stuff.

This year is going to be a rough race card ride as the whole ideology of muticulturalism and the Australian national ethos is being re-written to serve a sharper manipulation.

This stereotyping 'happens' to coincide with a major determination to extend the Iraq engagement into Iran at the very same time that the invasion is proving daily more unsustainable both logistically and politically.

Heads down folks, as islamophobia and other racism agendas have now been given carte blanche.

Already, though,it is clear there is going to be a divide in the ALP on this. So that fallout should be interesting to watch... But if Beazely has decided to follow Howard on this and match him and his deputy then this could unravel very quickly. While it is easy to suggest it's cover for the AWB business, I think the core topics are much broader than this as there is s conscious move to relocate 'western capitalism' -- the First World -- around a sort of new Cold War ideology such as this one we are now being treated to. To sustain this war on terror thwy have to keep propping up the enemey to justify it.

As Gore Vidal named it, & it unfortunately appears to be the case: as far as capitalism is concerned, the agenda today is "permanent war for permanaent peace" --and to secure such a peace at that price requires a dedicated racist mash-up.

And the freedoms of which they speak and harp on about... Wait and see what happens but don't be surprized if they too are up for grabs.

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JOURNALIST ASKS: Would the Labor Party be happy if people's citizenship status was used as a punishment against people who, you know, use un-Australian values as Peter Costello puts it?

KIM BEAZLEY SAYS: Let me tell you this: we swear an oath when you come into this country and the oath is that you'll uphold Australian values; you'll uphold Australian laws; you'll uphold Australian customs. This is not an old oath. This oath was put in place by the Labor Party. When the Liberal Party was in office you swore an oath to respect the Queen - that's what you did when you came into this country. We made it an oath to the Australian people. We take it seriously. And we say if you swear that oath - you mean it. I take the view that the person who swears that oath means it.

They, of course they're welcome to participate in democratic life in this community and express their views. They're not welcome to express them violently. But if somebody has a revolutionary view, I don't care whether it's a revolutionary view for the Nazis, for Muslims, for Christians, for Communists, they should not be permitted into this country.

Doorstop Interview with Kim Beazley, School of Mines TAFE Division, Ballarat - 24th February 2006

PETER BOYLE SAYS: Coming to a cinema (plus TV screen, newspaper and radio) near you, like it or not:

One Nation starring John Howard as PAULINE HANSON, Peter Costello as PAULINE HANSON, Kim Beazley as PAULINE HANSON...

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DERVISH BLOG SAYS:In a controversial speech to the Sydney Institute, Federal Treasurer Peter Costello warned that Jews should pledge allegience to Australia or go home. Jews who value Halacha (Jewish law) over Australian law "should be refused citizenship if they apply for it. Where they have it they should be stripped of it if they are dual citizens and have some other country that recognises them as citizens."

"Before entering a synagogue visitors are asked to put a yarmulke on their head," Mr Costello said. "This is a sign of respect. If you have a strong objection to putting something on your head don't enter the synagogue." He warned Jews, "before becoming an Australian you will be asked to subscribe to certain values. If you have strong objection to those values, don't come to Australia."

In a rebuke to "mushy multiculturalism" he said "there is one law we are all expected to abide by – it is the law enacted by Parliament under the Australian Constitution." If Jews, and for that matter Aboriginies, wish to live by a different cultural or religious law then they should move somewhere else. The problem is what to do with the children of disloyal Jews and Aboriginies who were born here....