Podcatcher on a stick

I'll add an ongoing link in my right side column for this item but for those who are interested in listening to podcasts while out and about, I point out that Mp3 flash players now are getting very cheap--say under $45. Because you can use them for transferring any file from computer to computer they're not a bad investment even if you only listen to Mp3 audio occasionally.

But a new program developed in Germany -- Podcatcher on a stick -- is a great way to get into the podcast lifestyle.
This is a program you download and operate from any Mp3 player (except iPod) so that you can download your audio from any computer by simply plugging the player into a USB port. So whether its at university or at work or home, just load up with audio wherever you are from the nearest pc and stick it in your ear.

Go to the RR forums if you want to discuss this technology further or offer feedback.