Resistance activist arrested at University of South Australia University O-Day.

"We will not be intimidated into silence".

Resistance activist Sam King was arrested and held to the ground by three police officers after being told by a University of South Australia representative that Resistance did not have permission to set up an information stall on February 21. Resistance believes it has a right to distribute information to campus students, and on these grounds, King remained with the stall. The university representative then returned accompanied by the police.

Emma Murphy, Adelaide Resistance organiser, described the action by university administration and the police as "clear breach of free speech" and "completely unnecessary".

"Resistance has been getting a lot of media attention over the past week around the fact that we are selling flag-burning kits to university students — this extreme response by the university and the police is clearly related to this issue. They made a political decision that they didn't want Resistance present on campus — despite the fact there was no flag-burning or any other "controversial" actions — and that they were prepared to use violence to remove us".

National coordinator of Resistance Stuart Munckton added, "The response by police was extreme, and it indicates the dangerous rise of political censorship and repression in Australian society today. The fact that Resistance was targeted after this intense media frenzy regarding the flag-burning proves the point we were trying to make — that our democratic rights are under attack and that we urgently need to reassert our right to free speech and political dissent".

Adelaide Resistance will be on Flinders campus tomorrow. Murphy said, "We are not going to be intimidated into silence by this thuggish behaviour. We have the right to express our dissent at government policy, and at the symbol it uses to maintain support for these policies — and we're not afraid to exercise those rights".

King was later released on bail until May, when he will face court with trespass charges. While in custody he was subjected to a DNA sample test.

RESISTANCE Media release - 21/02/06