Something worth fighting for

I fear that because of one thing or the other I have ceased to be intimate with you my adoring reading public. My angst is such that I suspect you have gone elsewhere for your familiarities.

All I can say is that I’m sorry and will henceforth no longer neglect you or take you for granted. I will attend to my responsibilities. I am, yours and no one else's. Mea culpa...


Now that that’s out of the way we can get back to being frank with one another.( Well, I’m frank -- you, on the other hand, are just passing through.)

Enough of this. Enough. I’m back on the hustings doing the LOR stuff as the good lord intended. That’s what you want, aint it? I offer a selfless sharing of my very being with whomsoever drops by. And here it is.

Except I have a slight problem: I have nothing to say. I’m sorry about this -- but I fear I have been cartooned out. I’ve been so frazzled arguing the Danish cartoon issue in various forums that I’ve become something of a spent force when it comes to this blogging malarkey.

malarkey also malarky
Something that does not have or make sense: balderdash, blather, bunkum, claptrap, drivel, garbage, idiocy, nonsense, piffle, poppycock, rigmarole, rubbish, tomfoolery, trash, twaddle. Informal tommyrot. Slang applesauce, baloney, bilge, bull1, bunk2, crap, hooey.

I fear that if I was to do justice to my time away I’d have to cut and paste snappy quotes from my varied polemics on this topic--published elsewhere. We’d have to dredge up the debate and I’d try to adjudicate toward my preferentials. I do, after all, have an opinion.

And to place that before you I offer you these images which I find VERY offensive:

And, you know -- I think there is a link between those cartoons published in the Danish rag and these pictures. I wonder if you can spot it? Keep looking... looking...

Can you see it?

I have a hunch, correct me if you think I am wrong, that the ones with all the blood and bruises are Moslems or are thought to be Moslems(or thereabouts). And the ones who do the torturing or whatever they do to get these Mahomedians (or whatever -- after all, they all look the same don't they?) into such a beat up state of putred undress, appreciate the support they get from all those who think caricaturing all Moslems/Arabs as crazed terrorists is really simply a matter of free speech -- and has not one iota to do disseminating racism.

After all, aint that one of the reasons why the country was invaded in the first place?

"Operation Iraqi Freedom: for the right to depict Moslems as violent religious fanatics."

Now there’s something worth fighting for!