The Blather #13 on Ratbag Radio

The Blather talks to our very own genetic designer (who makes a special appearance just to be on the show); chews the fat with a singer in a rock and roll band; tells Tasmanians how they should vote at their upcoming poll; defines what it means to be Aus-tral-ian (yet again!) and says a very very dirty word.

28 mins 33 secs / 13.07 MB / 64 kbps / 44 kHz

Satire, blather, politics and a little bit of music (this time by Sydney band Andorra)

Ratbag Radio... keeping an ear out for you.

Oh joy! Oh rapture! After so much techno angst and blithering ignorance Ratbag Radio has finally got the sound right. We are tickled pink. Finally we are getting a quality product together of sorts. We can but get better apparently.