Hanson's followers were not racist: PM

Someone should tell this man a thing or two about vocabulary.

ITEM: Prime Minister John Howard said he did not believe Pauline Hanson's One Nation followers were racist.Mr Howard said some of the things Mrs Hanson said in her maiden speech to parliament were wrong.

"I believe a couple of the things she said in her maiden speech were wrong," he told the Nine Network.

"She said we were flooded with Asians, that was the wrong thing to say and she was a little dismissive of the needs of (the) Aboriginal community, I thought that was wrong.

"(But) I didn't regard the people that followed her as being racist and I thought it was a huge mistake at the time to overreact.

"I didn't overreact."
And silence is golden, aint it the way? Let me see: Racine, raciness, racism.. racist:A person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.

Hanson may have been” wrong” on a few points, but then John Winston Howard can’t bring himself to say the ‘r” word in reference to her. As we know, in the wake of the Cronulla riot -- according to Winston -- there wasn’t much of the ‘r’ stuff here. Now we get another version of the same furphy as the good PM moves the country aggressively over to the Hansen code.

ITEM:Former One Nation MP Pauline Hanson says she is delighted [Federal Treasuer]Mr Costello has "woken up" to the views she expressed for years and was condemned for."I was crucified, I was ridiculed, I was called racist ... I could foresee what was happening to our country," she said.

"If Peter Costello is wanting to be a future prime minister of this country, he needs to take a tough stand on this, he needs to deal with it harshly, he needs to throw these people out of the country who do not embrace Australia."

In her 1996 maiden speech to Federal Parliament, Miss Hanson said Australia was in danger of being swamped by Asians.She said they formed ghettos and did not assimilate and called for Australia's immigration policy to be radically reviewed.
So we can rest because while a great injustice was done to our adjectives, true intentionality has been put to right. For that we can thank both the prime minister and his treasurer for exonerating Pauline Hansen...by ruling on the meaning of the "r" word.

And her followers --at least all those who thought 'throw(ing) these people out of the country who do not embrace Australia" was a good idea -- will no longer have to worry about being abused in mixed company(like when a wog, lebbo, slope, chink or Muslim is present).