Little Britain celebrates the grotesque

I've got into my head the fancy to write a review of Little Britain .
In truth I can't get enough of cross dressing men wetting themselves or vomiting on anyone within hurl.

After I've sat through an episode -- and it's a television show( in case if you don't know that) -- I feel that I have shared in the celebration of the grotesque. There should be more of it. The vomiting, incontinence and general grossness decorates an extraordinary exercise in contemplating sex and gender, class and ye olde establishment from the very skewed POV of Matt Lucas and David Walliams --Little Britain's creators/ writers/ performers.

The intense grotesque is engendered in the dress up as much as in the plotting of each comic skit. This is a page of Johnathan Swift or Rabelais come to our TV screens with a flamboyant disregard for etiquette or at least the norm.

I love it.

How it could begin life as a radio show amazes me as the visual component is so constituent of the present exercise. But the horrible realisation is that these characters, which seem so extreme, are rooted in the everyday -- at least for me, anyway.

Take one character--and for the moment I cannot locate 'her' name either in my head or via surfing-- who is so organically racist that any contact with people of colour causes her to become so narseous that she projectile vomits over anyone near by, despite her seemingly formal and accented upper crust Englishness. When she vomits -- even though you know she will -- overt social intercourse is drenched in this public display of disdain.

Of course you may just see the vomitous dripping over the faces of the unfortunate and be put off completely. As for me -- I'm on the floor laughing.

Little Britain is a Wednesday offering from the ABC. You can also catch some archived video clips on the BBC website. Bon appetit!