Muslim garb confronting, says PM

I’ve been trying to get back into satiric mode but wouldn’t you know it I get a dose of the old stiffy & mo. Thats’ not a permanent erection but my slang for muscular stiffness and pain. The phrase is taken from an old Australian vaudeville team. Mo to Stiffy as he spat out the words, “Strike me lucky!”

Mo -- aka Roy Rene -- used to use the phrase “cheeky possum” to good effect -- which is what I’d like to be.

But I gotta draw your eyes hither to what John Howard has said:
Most Australians found the full traditional garb of Muslim women confronting, Australian prime minister John Howard said today. "I don't mind the headscarf but it's really the whole outfit, I think most Australians would find it confronting," Mr Howard told Southern Cross Broadcasting....”These are things that it's very hard to lay down legislation for....I don't believe that you should ban wearing headscarfs but I do think the full garb is confronting and that is how most people feel...Now, that is not meant disrespectfully to Muslims because most Muslim women, a great majority of them in Australia, don't even wear headscarfs and very few of them wear the full garb.", 27 February 2006

So we have a eye for womens’ fashion there in the prime ministerial appartments. Here is a PM who knows the cut of a hijab -- when he sees it. Mini-skirts, mid drift expanse, whale’s tales, plunging necklines, and all the other mix and match apparels don’t warrant comment but the Islamic ‘full garb’ does because it’s “confronting”.

Picture(above) caption: Woman without veil -- just as the PM likes it. Nothing confronting there.

If I see a cop in uniform. I think that’s confronting.
Abu Graib pictorials: ditto.

Picture (left) caption: confronting full garb according to John Winston Howard.

Methinks our prime minister should get out more....