Naming names

This is relevant to you types -- ‘guests’. I’m starting up another podcast to go with Ratbag Radio. RR has a set functionality which is taken up by The Blather thus: “ the blather is a free-form sharply ironic look at current political issues in a commentary or interview format.”

But I want to generate and eclectic mix of audio by snaffling some choice bits of sound from the web and aggregating this audio collection into the one RSS feed emporium. It would be a one stop shop for bits of interviews and talks from a greenly left perspective.

But I need a show name. Any suggestions? The Rabble Podcast Network calls its similar package Needs No Introduction -- That’s not a bad label but I want something more aggressively to the point. POV sounds good (thats’ Point of View for those who cannot read such terms) but it’s passive.

Leftcast, Radio Resist, Line of March(LOM), Stugglecast....

Decisions, decisions...