Ratbag Radio goes to an anti war rally

The Blather goes to an antiwar rally on March 18th and talks with participants who are protesting against the continuing occupation of Iraq. This event marks the third anniversary of the invasion and the protest in Brisbane was one of thousands world wide.

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* Terry Hicks --father of Australian detainee in Guantanemo Bay, David Hicks

* Salam el-Merebi is a member of the Muslim Womens Association

* Ciaron O'Reilly is an Irish Australian and a member of the ' ANZUS Ploughshares' which disarmed a B-52 Bomber in upstate New York during the 1991 Gulf War. He was also a member of the ' Jabiluka Ploughshares' that disabled uranium mining equipment in the Northern Territory of Australia in 1998.

* Sam Watson is an indigenous leader and Murri activist in Brisbane Australia. He is also a leading member of the Socialist Alliance.

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