Resolution from 29 March Victorian Shop Stewards and Delegates Rally


That this meeting of shop stewards and delegates from VTHC affiliated unions condemns in the strongest terms the recent proclamation of the industrial relations legislation and accompanying regulations pushed through Parliament by the Howard federal government.

This meeting is acutely aware that the aim of these draconian I.R. laws is to reduce wages and conditions across the Australian workforce, unionised or non-unionised.

In particular we note that the thrust of the legislation is to impose individual contracts (AWA's) across the board, while conversely making it extremely difficult for workers and unions, to achieve collective agreements.

This meeting calls on the union movement to step up to its defence campaign and supports a mass mobilisation for the next national day of protest set down for Wednesday 28 June 2006, as part of the ongoing industrial and political strategy. This strategy also includes the union movement working with their local communities to enhance their support for the campaign to oppose the legislation and ultimately defeat the Howard Government.

This meeting also calls on the Bracks ALP Government, now that the details of Howard's anti-worker laws are known, to explore all legal avenues at its disposal to carry out its promise to protect Victorian workers. That the Victorian Government enter into immediate dialogue with the VTHC and its affiliates to achieve worthwhile outcomes to neutralise Howard's I.R. attack.

Finally, it is agreed that at the conclusion of this meeting there will be a march through the city to the Liberal Party Headquarters via the head office of Australia Post.

That the VTHC convene a mass delegates' meeting in early August to discuss the next stage of the IR campaign and to defend any unions that may have already come under attack.

This meeting calls on both the Coalition and the ALP to repeal all anti-union laws, abolish AWA's and reinstate the full unfair dismissal provisions with the AIRC that the Howard government has abolished.

That all unions consult their membership on an ongoing basis and regularly about their willingness to hold a general strike against the new workplace laws.
That the union movement campaign for decent wages for employees in poorer countries, particularly those employed by corporations whose ownership or product consumption is in the richer countries. That the campaign against the workplace laws be enlarged to incorporate this.

MOVED: Brian Boyd, Secretary, VTHC

SECONDED: Ann Taylor, Senior Vice President, VTHC