Ear Out

For those interested in podcasting -- making the sound or just plain listening to same -- the latest edition of Ear Out -- Ratbag Radio's very occasional podzine commentary on and about podcasting -- is now available from:


  1. More podcasts than radio stations
  2. Broadcast your podcast
  3. The pick of the feeds
  4. Ratbag Radio Forums
  5. Mp3 players for recording
For those hanging out for the next Ratbag Radio podcast the news is that it is coming. But as RR is negotiating a hardware upgrade the pending podcast has been delayed while the lay buy is paid off. After going without lunches and skipping caffein* intakes, RR will be available for your auditory sense organ soon enough.

So: keep an ear out!

* caffein. noun. :A bitter alkaloid found in coffee and tea that is responsible for their stimulating effects