I don't drive

I don't drive. I ride a bush scooter and rely on public transport...and I hate cars.

Call this what you will, but in regard to the motor vehicle I'm a registered Luddite and am always looking at excuses to justify myself. (Although, if you want to ferry me anywhere to save my legs I'll go. I'm proud but not that proud that I won't accept a lift.)

But since our household is set to take in another automobile, my entrenched prejudice is rising up. This is my daughter see, who's going four wheels, and all I can see before her is a sentence to a life time dependency on the internal combustion engine.

But opportunist that I am, I know that petrol prices rises are on my side. For our present vehicle we're now paying out about $7 per day in fuel costs. Add to that registration costs of about $2.50 per day and repair and maintainance for our second hand car of about the same plus car insurance -- this 'convenience' is costing us around $14 to $15 per day -- at least $100 per week! (And that's not considering the capital outlay to purchase the car in the first place.)

Do you know how many taxi cab rides I can get out of $100?

While I recognise how dependent one can become on the motor vehicle and I see how convenient it is, and that women also embrace it as a form of gender mobility often denied after dark -- I gotta say that it's a totally mad addiction without even stopping to consider the environmental cost!

So when people do a double take when they splutter and say ,"You don't drive! (and thinks: 'what sort of wimpy male are you?')"Please be considerate if I seem at all smug and triumphant with a touch of crude arrogance about me.

I am very much into the business of saying: 'I told you so.'