Post 9/11 Blues

Check this song out. The post 9/11 Blues

Rizwan Ahmed, aka MC Riz, has attracted more than his fair share of controversy during his short career. The 23-year-old British Muslim got his first break playing one of the Tipton Three in Michael Winterbottom's acclaimed film The Road to Guantanamo. Life imitated art when he and other cast members were detained and questioned by police at Luton airport on their way back from the film's premiere in Berlin.

Now his first hip-hop single, 'Post 9/11 Blues', is dividing opinion at some of Britain's leading radio stations. Ahmed is awaiting verdicts from Radio 1 and XFM on whether the track, which includes references to the death in London of Jean Charles de Menezes and the war in Iraq, is too politically sensitive to play on air.
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